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Boston, what a place, what a town. Sweltering Summers, Cold wet winters; Italian, Irish; the Celtics, the Redsox; Harvard to MIT yes Boston is a city of contrasts.

Boston or Beantown as it is sometimes called is a great mix of the old and new and is known for being home to the Boston Celtics, but also the birth place of the American Revolution.

It is the most European of American cities architecturally and will charm the most discerning traveler.

Boston is a unique place to come and spend time exploring and sight seeing. Whether it's a family vacation with the children or traveling on your own, Boston caters for all sorts.

Its location offers a wide variety of holiday destinations and stunning day trips. Even if you have lived here your whole life you may find something that will surprise you.

Family friendly to the core, Boston also boasts the renowned Boston aquarium, children's museum and science museum, making it a great getaway for all.

Finding accommodation in Boston isn't a problem either with many fine Boston Massachusetts Hotels offering gyms and pet friendly accommodations. There is also a wide variety and an extensive network of Boston bed and breakfasts that offer an intimate stay in all the best locations.

Eating out and finding places to tantalize your gastronomic taste buds is a real treat with the variety of Boston Restaurants available. Among the more famous restarants are those found in Boston North End. It is the melting pot of diverse cultures and flavors which gives New England cooking an exotic feel.

The great thing about Boston is the age of the city and its people. Chinatown, North End, Back Bay all provide clues to the diversity of cultures and ideas that make Boston unique.

If history is your passion, Boston history will fascinate you as there are many old homes and historic buildings that chart the start of the American revolution.

Major events such as the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre are vividly brought to life by the many tours of the city. The most famous of the Boston tours is the Freedom Trail which highlights some of the key historical points of interest.

Boston is a walker's paradise, so exploring the downtown and back bay areas with a comfortable set of shoes does add a interesting perspective.

If your idea of a holiday is to sit back and relax, there are many Boston cruises to choose from. Notable in this regard would be the Boston harbor cruise which is a fine way to see Boston from the water.

Boston is sometimes described as the 'Athens of America.' This is due the many Colleges and Universities that are found in the Boston and Cambridge area. MIT, Harvard and Boston College are a few of the excellent centers of learning which are tourism attractions in their own right.

Probably the best way to see the various Boston attractions is with the Go Boston Card, this travelers card offers discounts and free admission to a number of the tourist attractions.

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