The Boston Aquarium

A quick walk from Faneuil Hall, and you'll find the Boston Aquarium or the New England Aquarium depending on who you speak to.

"The Aquarium is the main drawing card to Boston's revitalized waterfront."

Located along Boston's scenic waterfront, The Aquarium is the main drawing card to Boston's revitalized waterfront. New England Aquarium logo It is home to colorful & educational exhibits feature more than 8000 aquatic creatures, hundreds of varieties of fish, aquatic mammals and birds.

The Boston Aquarium is a great place to spend a few hours with the large selection of sea creatures and is a great 'natural' diversion from the city tourism selection. The Aquarium, which has it's own stop on the Blue Line, also features an IMAX theater. The theater features IMAX and IMAX 3D film technology, 12 000 watts of digital sound and New England's largest screen.

The Aquarium is not really about Boston at all - but does a great job in presenting extensive, informative displays about virtually anything affecting our marine world. The aquarium is so environmental and research oriented and The Aquarium's mission is "to present, promote and protect the world of water." Through its mandate it is credited with revolutionizing the modern aquarium experience for visitors through its emphasis on a more naturalistic setting for aquatic life and is considered one of the first modern public aquariums.

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With more than 1.5 million people visiting the aquarium and theater each year you can't dispute that claim. The Boston Aquarium also offers a Whale watching tour during some months of the year which forms part of the overall vision of the the aquarium.

Practically every child in Boston has gone there sometime in their life during school field trips and the Boston Aquarium does a great job with the space provided. The fun at the Aquarium begins before you even buy a ticket as the harbor seals frolic in an outdoor exhibit that’s free of charge for all visitors. Being indoors - this is great thing to do with kids if it rains - but don't expect to be alone in thinking that. I recommend you get there as early as possible to avoid the crowds. If you're lucky you'll see them feeding the penguins. There's even a touchy pool where you can touch star fish which is a great draw card for children! There are numerous education tools for kids and specially designed tour routes and questionnaires to be completed as they go around.

Highlights of the New England Aquarium include a 4-story glass ocean tank that houses a coral reef display. It is located in the middle of the aquarium as you enter the main building. The Giant Ocean Tank is a 23ft deep, 200,000 gallon artificial reef and is supposedly one of the most accurate reef replicas around. There are over 50 different species of fish and turtles in it, including sharks, barracudas, and many other large fish. What makes this tank so interesting is the different species the live at different levels of depth in the tank, each adapting to their own preference. The Aquarium is cleverly designed with multiple levels with the giant central tank in the middle- so as you spiral upwards past the many tanks on each floor you get to sea the depth at which some fish live in the giant tank.

You cannot help noting that there are about a half dozen rather large sharks keeping a beady eye on you, swimming about the tank and wonder why they don't eat the fish. Well, that is because divers feed them twice a day. If you're lucky you'll actually get to see divers in the tank. Lets just hope the sharks don't decide to bite the hand that feeds it! If you are feeling very adventurous a dive club associated with the aquarium even holds drawings every month where the winner gets to dive in the tank with them. I'll let you decided on this one.

Around the tank are exhibits that highlight aquatic regions from around the world. It is really well designed and the variety of fish habitats are very fascinating. At the base of the tank is a large penguin exhibit with over 60 penguins in the pool. There is also massive jellyfish exhibit two stories in length that is amazing.

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