Boston Bed and Breakfast

Where you can have it all.

Why pay hotel prices when a Boston bed and breakfast can offer you accommodation that's personal and private? You can stay in a prime, down town Boston location for less than you dreamed of and still be close to the action.

Take the plunge and experience the wide range of Boston bed and breakfasts, you may just get hooked as b&b fan. In Boston, bed and breakfasts are a great way to experience some of the old neighbourhoods such as back bay and beacon hill. As most of the good ones are right on top of the major tourist sites.

You can choose your lodging from a lovely selection of fully furnished apartments for short-term rentals or stay in a guest room in one of the many historic Bed & Breakfasts. Which in a city like Boston is not difficult. Much of Boston accommodations will make your stay in Boston an affordable and memorable.

A Boston bed and breakfast is usually an exceptionally nice place to spend the night, as most are remodelled old homes or mansions. Bed and breakfasts are different from a hotel/motel in that they are privately owned, and often times are a large home with multiple bedrooms.

Some of these homes have been restored to represent the way they were originally built and contain beautiful woodwork, wood floors, spacious brick fireplaces and other designs of the era in which they were built. Another advantage of staying at a Boston B&B is the inside knowledge that the owners can bring to your tourism activities. While this may be a turn-off for many, the intimacy that marks the bed and breakfast culture sometimes can really help a Boston traveller find the best tourism nuggets and deals. They are particularly helpful in avoiding tourist traps which are offer nothing really substantial for a whole lot of money.

Most bed and breakfasts should provide breakfast in the morning, which consists of a complete meal with breakfast meat, eggs, toast or biscuits, fried potatoes, pancakes and waffles, coffee, juice, etc., while others only provide a continental breakfast, consisting of coffee, juice and doughnuts. Then, some provide no breakfast at all, but still call themselves a bed and breakfast. Go figure! As you can gather what you get is sometimes very vague. The morning meal is normally included in the room rate hence the name.

Tips For Choosing a Boston Bed and Breakfast

When chosing a bed and breakfast there are a couple of things to look at.
  • When placing a reservation, be sure you understand what accommodations they offer, or better yet get a recommendation from someone who is familiar with that particular bed and breakfast.
  • How luxurious is the accommodation? I know its pretty hard to gauge sometimes from a glossy picture, but what does the place really look like.
  • How close is the public transport system and how close are the major attractions?
  • What is the cancellation policy? Most bed and breakfasts have a 7 day notice policy for cancellations. Make sure you find out if there is a fee charged for cancelling, even if you do give the required notice.
  • Do they actually serve breakfast?

Most good bed and breakfasts in Boston understand the transport situation and are pretty clued up in telling you how far you are exactly to the 'T'. How friendly are the hosts? This is a an interesting one, lets face it, some people are just weird. I mean not in a creepy way, but they are just different. Rest assured though, that in the bed and breakfast industry you cannot survive for to long if you are on the outer limits of human personality.

If the bed and breakfast offers a 'special romance package', or something along those lines. Be sure you understand what the package includes and the cost.

I trust that you have found this Boston bed and breakfast guide helpful in getting some ideas for trying a B&B. They are, in my opinion one of the better ways to explore any environment.

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