Boston North End

little Italy in a sea of green.

Boston North End is the city's oldest residential district where people have lived continuously since its settlement in the 1660s.

If youre Italian this may just point you home.

It is also one of the most colorful, vibrant urban neighborhoods in America.

North end Boston has an old-world flavor you won't want to miss with day-today activities giving a timeless feel. This old neighborhood is the home of the Old North Church and Paul Revere's House.

Though original settles by the Irish, the first Italians made this their home in the 1870s. Since then this close knit community has left a clear foot print in Bostons history. Truly walking through this neighbourhood its interesting that Boston is associated with the Irish when there is such a strong Italian influence here. In fact its so Italian here that Italian is still the language of choice in the hood.

There are many ways that one could explore and experience the North End but by far the best, as with most tourist things in downtown Boston, is on your feet.

Take some time to explore the North end Boston restaurants on Salem Street. This ancient and constricted thoroughfare, one of the two main North End streets, cuts through the heart of the neighborhood. Trying to find a restaurant in the north end should not be to much of a problem with the whole area being a paradise for those in search of fine cuisine. Salem Street contains several restaurants and area rarely disappoints when it comes to fine dining.

With a heart full of discovery, meander through the narrow side streets and enjoy some pasta and be sure to stop for coffee and a pastry at a Hanover Street caffè. Strolling down the narrow and winding streets is an experience in itself as community still happens here like it did 40 years ago. Residents still walk the streets stopping in at local fruit stores and taking walks to get their groceries from the corner store.

Be aware that Hanover and Salem streets are very busy with tourists and locals so if crowds are not your cup of tea then maybe go in the off-season. If you are wanting to experience the liveliness of this neighborhood summer is the time to go, ith a different Italian Festival every weekend.

If you are staying in Boston for any length of time heading to Boston's North End is worth the time.

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