Boston Restaurants - the melting pot of styles

If you had to take a peak into Boston restaurants you would find a culinary excellence that mirrors Boston's status as one of the highest ranking cultural and business centers of the USA. This is reflected in every aspect of its character, and dining is no exception.

Here, the visitor is offered a kaleidoscope of colorful and exciting restaurants, from the chic to the casual with some insiders saying that the reataurants in the Boston and Cambridge areas are among the best casual restaurants of almost anywhere in America. The seafood in Boston (and New England in general) is exceptional. Boston seafood restaurants are well known for their local dishes which include Lobster, clam chowder and other seafood fare. These are generally available all over town, in addition to those famous baked beans. With Bostons proximity to the North Atlantic its no surprise that many restaurants specialize in fish. The seafood is always local , fresh, interesting and abundant. But, don't think that that is all you'll find.

With Boston being such a cosmopolitan city an educated and sophisticated clientèle expects an authenticity and top quality in ethnic restaurants and this can only be good for the visitor. European cuisine, particularly French and Italian, is said to be as good here as it is anywhere. Boston Restaurants have great atmosphere If you are searching for the Boston Italian restaurants, North End is where the best Italian restaurants can be found. American traditional cooking has permeated many international recipes, giving them a distinct American twist. An example of this is Chinatown which offers a Chinese New England fusion style cooking.

Boston restaurants are also found in many divers places, diners can choose their location from sea-level restaurants on the harbor to the dizzy heights of sky-scraping dining rooms. Some of the older Boston restaurants are now institutions and historic landmarks in their own right, with solid reputations and national traditions to preserve and represent. A classic example of this would be the Union Oyster House, which is the oldest restaurant in the United States dating back to 1826. Franks Steak house has also been serving a complete American menu, including seafood for almost 70 years.

There are always new restaurants opening up so the list of destinations gets all the more diverse. For those willing to search a little bit, however, there are also many little-known restaurants in Boston and the rest of New England that are just waiting to be found. Among these restaurants you will not only find rich culinary treasures but also great value for money.

With so much History packed into one place you are bound to bump into the Boston Cream Pie , dating back to the 1850's, which is one of the more famous local products and is the official state desert of Massachusetts.

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