What do about the Boston Weather...Plan ahead

Boston weather is hard to predict and is famous for its volatile nature. Boston, like any place else on the Eastern seaboard, is vulnerable to the affects of the North flowing Gulf Stream and air masses from the Great Lakes and Canada colliding with each other. Hence the famous quote:

"if you don't like the weather in New England,....wait a minute!"

The resulting weather anomalies make for sudden and frequent weather changes. While it's certainly true that New England weather can change in a matter of minutes, generally speaking winters are bitterly cold and snowy and summers are hot and seriously humid.

As with most of America east of the Continental Divide, the best time to visit is in the late March/late May and late September/early November periods. These months normally fall during the Fall and Spring seasons. Boston springs are short lived; blink and the leaves have turned from buds to full-blown shadow puppets. Summer can get a bit steamy at times but September and October are predictably pleasant, with clear blue skies, cool mornings and evenings, and warm afternoons. January and February bring harsh winds and punishing temperatures, but snowfall accumulation is measured in inches rather than feet. Surprisingly, Boston is windier than Chicago and gets more rain than Seattle.

Boston Weather Forecast:

Boston Weather Forecast, MA

Season Breakdowns: Summer can be very hot and very humid, so dress and pack light.

Fall brings cooler, crisper air (although there is still the chance for an Indian summer ) which makes walking around the city a much more enjoyable experience than in the Boston fall shirt-sticking-to-your-back temperatures of a typical Boston summer day. Plus, the fall also brings the excitement of baseball playoff season and the beginning of football season. Other sporting events such as the Head of the Charles Regatta where hundreds of collegiate rowers take to the waters take place during this time of year.

The Winter months are a sloppy mess here in Boston. Bring shoes you hate, or a good pair of rubber boots in case of bad weather.


There are potholes and bad drainage, creating vast lakes where many people think streets once were. Bring very very warm clothing. Dress in layers and be ready for anything. Not only does it get cold, but it is a wet, which chills your very bones. The winter months can sometimes bring the kind of snow worthy of a ski resort. It's also pretty windy downtown, so a warm coat and hat are a must if you decide to go touring or viewing one of the historical landmarks. Something also very useful to take with you would be an umbrella if you're out in Boston...especially in the winter months. The combination of wind and snow can make for a painful pelting and the umbrella is pretty decent shield.

Spring is a bit dicey. Its always hard to say what the weather will do. Its probably best to bring some waterproof sneakers, long sleeved shirts and sweaters, sweatshirts, light jacket, jeans. BostonSpring In other words be ready for anything. The springtime can bring unexpected rain and temperatures ranging from freezing to sweltering, but there's just something about Boston in the Spring that you can't beat. The snow is gone (usually) and the flowers in the Common are starting to bloom. People are happy to shed their heavy coats (as long as some freak cold spell doesn't occur) and you can take in a stroll along the Charles or down Newbury Street in relative comfort.

Boston weather patterns are not always friendly, but when one considers the amount of activities that are available to a passionate traveler there are few places better.

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