Duck Tours Boston

There is something special about Duck tours Boston. Even if you have lived in Boston all your life, taking a Boston Duck Tour is a lot of fun, and a great thing to do with kids in Boston.

The "DUCK" is an authentic, renovated World War II amphibious landing vehicle playing a crucial role in the allied invasions in Sicily, the Pacific, and the biggest invasion of all, D-Day. In fact, more than 40% of all over-beach supplies in Normandy were transported by these boats during the first four months.

Your tour begins with a greeting by your ConDUCKtors, who will narrate your tour, and is part of the attraction. They will teach you how and when to "quack" when you travel through Boston. The fun they have with the Bostonians "Quackin" at them gives an insight into the Boston culture.

Your enjoyment of the ride will depend allot on the expertise of the driver of the Duck. All of the drivers have alter-ego characters which they bring out during the tour. Most of them have an infectious enthusiasm for the city and will offer all kinds of fun interesting facts about the city of Boston.

Some of the landmarks you will see include the State House and Bunker Hill, Boston Common. If that was not enough, your DUCK goes right into the Charles River for a breathtaking view of the Boston and Cambridge skylines, the kind of view you just won't get anywhere else. One of the Duck Tours Boston Going on the Charles River gives you a beautiful view of the city. Even though the tour splashes into the water, you will not get wet as it is more of a gentle boat cruise than a speed boat.

Depending on the driver and time available some of you may be allowed to drive the duck while it's on the river. This is really a great attraction as most of the kids on board get a chance to steer the boat if they want (which of course scores big points).

Although the Ducks are heated and may be enclosed, you should dress appropriately for the weather on the day of the tour. It is often breezy on the Charles River and with the winter temperatures it could get quite nippy on the river. The tour lasts approximately 80 minutes with roughly 20 minutes of of your tour spent on and in the water. All the vehicles are wheelchair accessible which makes in very inclusive. In fact they go out of their way to make wheelchair patrons feel welcome.

You can board at the Museum of Science or Prudential Center but I'd recommend the Museum - it's more central and this is where most people depart from. It's also within easy reach of the subway too which is quite handy when getting around Boston.

Going on a Duck Tours Boston is a great introduction to the city and the perfect thing to do on your first day to help you get your bearings. Also great thing to do for a rainy day.

Useful Tips:

Buy tickets in advance if you can (especially in busy tourist season). We recommend the the Go Boston Card which has multiple destinations and deals linked to this one card.

Sit at the back in the open air section for the best views and photo opportunities.

Ask the tour owners who they think the best drivers are and go with them, it is well worth it.

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