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There are normally two ways of looking at getting around Boston. One is from a transportation point of view where you want to get to your destination, the other is where getting around Boston is actually a tour in itself. For the purpose of this article I will be focusing on the getting to your destination part of traveling.

When you are considering getting around Boston its best to be forewarned to the possible consequences of going uninformed. Boston has recently finished digging up the entire downtown area in a ten-year project to build an underground interstate. 'The big dig' as it has been referred to has wreaked havoc on an already confusing driving landscape. It certainly has made the downtown area more accessible and the numerous parks and gardens that have been built that were in the shadow of the above ground highway does enhance the atmosphere of downtown Boston.

But, despite all the expense, Bostons streets are still laid out pretty much the same as they were 300 odd years ago. It is said that the streets you see now are the original pathways taken but the original colonists to the Boston Common. Hence traffic congestion is a part of the deal if you choose to bring your own vehicle. Boston drivers have a fearsome reputation and also parking is very expensive. There are some handy Boston driving tips to help you enjoy your stay in Boston more.

So when you are planning on how you are going to be getting around down town Boston consider public transport and personal horse power as your only options. Boston however does have a very compact downtown area, making it easy to get to the major tourist attractions.

The MBTA or 'T' as it is known combines commuter rail, subway, bus, taxi and a commuter boat service to move people around Boston. I highly recommend getting to know how these public transit systems work. The rail network has plenty of local stops downtown as well as trains that reach into every suburb. This is by far the best and easiest way to get around Boston. It makes life allot simpler for yourself and may just save you a bucket load of Money. Also, because of its design which hasn't changed much since its inception getting around Boston to the major sites should not be to difficult at all.
This is a very funny video about what driving in Boston can do to you:

You have been warned!
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