How to get a hotel discount

So you want to know how to get a Hotel discount, simply put, you need to ASK for a discount if you want one. Now that thats out of the way here are ways to do it:

*Search the internet, look for great deals. There are various types of hotels that offer great discounts on the web for online customers. Be sure to check these out.

*Plan your trip during the off season months. I know with holiday times and children in school this sometimes is unavoidable but these are the times when big discounts are given. Like any business, turnover is turnover so bodies in beds is revenue especially in quite times.

*Call the hotel of your choice. If you have your eye set on a particular try out these tips and see where it lands you, you may be very surprised. Ask them about offers and discounts that they can give. Don't be shy ask them to list all promotions and specials that they may be having.

*Certain hotels can give discounts to credit card holders of certain card establishments. Ask for the manager and ask him about it. The manager is the best person to ask, since if you can make negotiations, he has the authority to make negotiations with you.

*Ask if they give discounts to students or senior citizens. A more tongue in cheek question is whether they give discounts to stressed out parents, but somehow I think they may just think you are little insane.

*Simply ask through the phone how can you qualify for a discount. If at certain day of the week or at certain times of the year they give discounts, ask them about it and ask how much or how less can they give, then ask if you could get still a higher discount. Usually at off peak seasons, hotels will be willing to give in, just to fill the empty rooms.

*Ask for certain packages. Hotels usually offer rooms with free breakfast.

*Do name drop. If you know of someone who frequently stays them, mention his name. It can help. Tell them your friend referred you to them and ask for a discount. Don't ever give up if they say no. A statement like "is that the best you can do?" can encourage a big discount. Like I've said these are businesses and as a business want your money to be spent with them.

*Often, people in the military get good hotel rates. Usually, discounts are offered to government employees.*At off peak seasons, you could definitely ask for special rates. Then if they don't budge after you have offered a discount, ask some extras, like breakfast.

*When negotiating, it is very important to write down all agreed discussions. Write too, the names of the persons that you have been talking to, the time as well as the day and date. Ask for a number that you can call before checking in to the hotel for confirmation.

*Upon arrival to the hotel, look around and ask for negotiations once more. For instance if you feel that the hotel is not fully booked, ask for a room with a better view than the one you are in, if you don't agree with what you see.

This does sound like some work, and it is, but sometimes planning your holiday or trip can get you that little bit extra. I know that negotiating is the last thing that you want to do when thinking about a trip. But, here it is, if you want to save some extra money to spend on your vacation use these tips on how to get a hotel discount.

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