Take of swan tour of boston and experience the Garden

One of the favorite attractions in the garden is the swan tour of Boston in the swan boats which have been cruising the garden's pond for more than 120 years. Not to be confused with the Duck Tours which travel around the downtown area the swan offer a more gentile mode of transportation and scenery.

If you find yourself in the gardens on a beautiful spring or summer day you will most definitely see the famous "Swan Boats" located in the lagoon.

It is said that the boats were originally inspired by Wagner's Lohengrin Opera of 1848 and has been a feature of the Public Garden lake since 1877. Almost all of Boston's children and surrounding towns and cities go here on a field trip sometime in their lives. For a small fee, tourists can sit on a boat ornamented with a splendid white swan at the rear. The boat is then pedaled around the lake by a young (and strong) tour guide sitting within the swan. The tour follows a circular route that takes about 20 minutes to complete.

This is a great outing if you are vacationing with little children. Riding on the boats can be an adventure all on its own and the novelty of floating around in strange looking boat adds to the enjoyment factor for any little person.

A swan tour of boston

You can buy bread beforehand to feed the ducks while riding on the swan boat, which will follow the boat as if lured by some hypnotic tune played by the pied piper, to get some of your tasty treats. It is more the prospect of gorging themselves on the enormous amounts of bread a crackers that leads them on. This is really something that you can put on the list of things to do with children in Boston.

For some travelers the idea of drifting around a pond for 20 minutes or so does not sound like fun, especially if you could walk around the self same pond in five minutes. Like most things when you are exploring, it is the experience of something new and beautiful especially here in the Boston public garden. It is surprisingly peaceful, surrounded by the ducks and the swans, as the busy traffic speeds close by. There's something undeniably fun about peeling back the years, to childhood memories of simple kiddie-rides. It also harks back to an era the more genteel pursuits of the Victorian era and I think that this is the essence of the Boston swan boat charm. Taking time out for a swan tour of Boston's public Garden is well worth the effort.

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