My best attempt at travel advice

Sorry, to be a bit philosophical about travel but I feel this needs to be said. This is my attempt to give you some solid travel advice. Travel sites and tourism sites attempt to the best of their ability to give you the best information and insights available on your desired destination.

We, obviously want you to have a good time without wasting your time and money on activities that may be the worst experience of your life. Its natural to want to know as much as you go beforehand so that you can be better prepared. But please don't let personal experience be the main driving force of your decision.

It is the feeling of this author that as much as sites like this can help you make up your mind and guide you to the best spots, they should never tell you where to go. Me giving you a personal opinion as to the best and more importantly worst aspects of any given tourism opportunity is a very subjective thing. I can never be you. You are unique in the way you see things, the way you experience things and the way you respond to things.

I can never be you and you can never be me and more importantly, know one can go on your vacation for you. You will be there experiencing the good the bad and the ugly all on your own. You may walk into a Boston Massachusetts Hotel and find that a humble two or three star establishment treats you like a distinguished guest. Whilst a five star Boston luxury hotel treats you like you've got the plague.

Many sites like this are helpful in that they can offer Boston hotel reservations from the comfort of home. You can browse almost every hotel and peruse their offerings without even leaving your home. Our hotel reservation search engine sources some thirty hotel groups to source the best deals for you, but which one is better? How can you decide, when you work a 9 t0 5 job in construction and all you want is a break with your family?

They key is to decide why you would want to go to a certain destination. If it is to explore and experience a city, in this case Boston, you will never be disappointed. As the wonder of a new culture, different ideas, sites and smells will broaden your perspective of life. But, going there on the recommendation of others can in most cases cause you're expectations of a destination to cloud and detract away from the sheer wonder of going. Everyone has an opinion, some

There is so many beautiful destinations to choose from, from all over the world in fact and not just Boston. The maxim, that a change is as good as a holiday is so fitting for those of us who have the bug to travel. Every destination, even if it is just to a neighboring state has something to offer. There is something raw and innocent about traveling with an attitude of discovery. So my advise is live large, live in wonder and get travelling. Life has so many experiences to share with you, and you alone.

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